Miss Frizzle's bus really got shown up by this guy, who turned a school bus into a vehicle that can go nearly 400 miles an hour and shoots out flames. Mikey was kind enough to let me sit on his shoulders so I could see and take pictures. I (jokingly) offered to let him sit on mine so he could see and this lady turned around and started cracking up. I guess she doesn't think I'm very buff....
The school bus guy said his goal was to encourage kids to stay away from drugs. I'm not sure how exactly this helps or applies. I think he just really wanted a jet-powerd bus.

Here's an impressive explosion. Don't be alarmed, it was WAY out there, even though it looks like it's right on those people. It was so loud. This looks photoshopped but it's not.


09/11/2011 9:50pm

Looks for sure like Miss Frizzle and the Magic School Bus has lost out. Wow! That's quite a bus Great pictures! Sure glad Mikey let you up on his shoulders.

09/17/2011 1:52am

I loved that show as a kid (magic school bus). And that really does look like quite the explosion--wow!


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