Cat Nap



Would you like to start your day out with some coffee marshmallows?
I've actually always thought that was one of the strangest songs ever. These candies are more just drops of sugar. Plus, drops of Jupiter would really just be drops of gas, since Jupiter has no real surface, just the visible line where the gas appears to stop. If you tried to walk on Jupiter you'd just keep sinking into the gas as it got denser and denser and eventually turned into a liquid. 

Ok, enough of that. Basically I just used the recipe from this site and made the flavors coconut, raspberry, orange, and lemon. They weren't too hard to make but were rather time-consuming with lots of boiling and chilling and cutting and rolling in sugar. Still, they were fun and pretty tasty. 
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One thing I love most about coming home is that I can make sweets. This week, in addition to trying a new gumdrop recipe, I made some marshmallows. Coffee and Raspberry. 

After spending a relaxing weekend, I worked at child care Monday and yesterday. I spent the days in the P3 room, the class before the one I had all summer. I miss my kids but I'll be back at Christmas to work a few weeks. 

Now it's Thanksgiving eve and I'm all cozy in my own home with my family, geeking out watching the series From the Earth to the Moon, directed by Tom Hanks. It's especially interesting since I've been in Astronomy this semester. 

Anyway, while not working or watching documentaries, I've managed to spend a little time testing recipes with high sugar content, lots of boiling required, and vast amounts of gelatin. I have been wanting to try coffee marshmallows for a while now, so I adapted my old recipe I've used before and used strong coffee instead of water. I think they turned out pretty well. The other half of the batch I made raspberry. 

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Apparently last night we had an earthquake back home. It started in Oklahoma, where my grandparents felt it first and much more than my family. So of course I had to find my favorite educational video about quakes.