As some of you may know, something I enjoy a great deal is felting. Felting is the art of stabbing wool with special needles to "weave" it together into shapes. Wet felting is somewhat the same, except instead of a needle you use alternating hot and cold water, and dish soap, while shaping the wool with your hands. I usually use dry felting, and like to make little tiny animals. This last week at school I got a package from my sweet aunt and uncle, who sent me some lovely new wool colors. I haven't had a lot of time to use them yet, but I made a few tiny things and I can't wait to make more. Such GREAT colors!
The beginnings of a tiny chick.
Chick and wet-felted peacock feathers. We'll see where that goes :)


03/18/2011 7:55am

I 'felt' it was time to tell you how much I love your felting:) The new wool is beautiful---yes, great colors! Pretty special auntie and uncle, I'd say.


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