I've actually always thought that was one of the strangest songs ever. These candies are more just drops of sugar. Plus, drops of Jupiter would really just be drops of gas, since Jupiter has no real surface, just the visible line where the gas appears to stop. If you tried to walk on Jupiter you'd just keep sinking into the gas as it got denser and denser and eventually turned into a liquid. 

Ok, enough of that. Basically I just used the recipe from this site and made the flavors coconut, raspberry, orange, and lemon. They weren't too hard to make but were rather time-consuming with lots of boiling and chilling and cutting and rolling in sugar. Still, they were fun and pretty tasty. 


11/23/2011 7:08pm

Shelby those look AMAZING! The colors are so pretty! I wish I could try one! Oh and, I love that song lol.

11/23/2011 9:18pm

These candies are all so pretty, Shelby, and I bet they taste good too! I love the colors.


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