Happy Easter! We decided to come to Mikey's house for the weekend, and yesterday we had a great time at the zoo! The Sedgwick County Zoo is apparently the 18th largest in the US and was pretty impressive. It was a rather chilly day for late-April (considering we are NOT in cold Nebraska) but good for zoo-going. Just warm enough to not be too cold, but just cool enough that the zoo did not suffer from huge crowds. Plus they were giving out candy for Easter! 
This guy was super cool. He was so big and tame, and he didn't seem to mind hanging out with us. We kept trying to get him to fluff up his tail, but I guess we just weren't his type.
Another really cool place was the Jungle room, it was SO HOT and humid in there, and they had all these steam and mist machines running (top left). There were bats in all the trees (bottom left) and it really felt like you were in the rain forrest or something... like on the set of Jurassic Park.
Baby camel who was pretty cute.
Overall, we had a great time at the zoo, and we are thinking that hopefully, weather permitting, that next weekend, our last before we move out, we will be able to hit up the Omaha Zoo. 


04/24/2011 5:45pm

Yes, Happy Easter back to you, Shel. I'm so happy you got to the Sedgwick Zoo. We have always wanted to go there when we travel through Wichita, but have never stopped. Looks like you had a great time. I even see some resemblances :)

04/26/2011 8:52pm

I love all your photos! Zoos are so much fun. I'm glad you had fun with Mikey and his fam! Quick question, how do you arrange the photos like that and how do you put on captions?


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