...in GM Town. 
Had me low and had me down. 

BUT then I went on a great hike and got over it!
We hiked today to Indian Beach, which I would like to rename "Spider Beach" due to the atrocious amount of spiders crawling all over its rocky shore. There were also a number of what seemed to be abandoned shacks, but apparently some are still used occasionally by fishermen. I know my cousin Arielle would have loved all the abandonment! 
Lastly we hiked out to the lighthouse. It was sooooo foggy out there and the fog horn goes off every 20 seconds. When you get all the way out there, it's rather ear-splitting.
This shack looks sort of abandoned, but if you look in the windows it does appear that it must be used once and a while for fisherman.
This is how you get to the lighthouse. If it wasn't so foggy the dramatic drop off on either side would be more clear.


05/19/2011 6:22pm

you are so right, I would have loved it! thank you for remembering me :) And hm, money cove I think I need to visit there sometime lol!
you have really got my curiosity up on this place, it's so beautiful and mysterious! I have to put it on my list of places to visit :)

05/19/2011 6:42pm

Your day looked/sounded quite interesting. That is some bridge to the lighthouse---drop off looked pretty dramatic, even in the fog. I'm glad you could get in another great hike, keep away from 'spider beach' though :)


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