Apparently I come with a log of baggage. Literally, I am notorious for over-packing, over-cramming, and trying to stuff anything I MIGHT need into a bag, usually for a long weekend.

Yesterday I scored a four-piece luggage set at Savers (Thrift) for only $12!! It's pretty much new, looks like the two big suitcases have been used once or twice.  Since I'm planning on studying abroad next year, this will be perfect. It came with one giant suitcase, one large, one medium duffle/rolling bag, and one small carryon. It's my favorite thrifting find of the week!

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1/6/2012 13:06:09

I like your luggage, Shel. It will be great for going abroad next school year. And I intended to tell you---I love the blog header or whatever you call it---pass the Dutch Mints, please.


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