This past weekend I finally got a chance to go home! It was fall break and I had Friday off, so Thursday around noon I packed up and headed out. My cousin and her husband were in town visiting the family while he takes a three-week class at our community college, so it was fun to get to see them as well. On Sabbath we went to the park for lunch and ended up staying for several hours. It was a beautiful fall day and we ate lunch while the dogs enjoyed some fresh air. My dad brought along some WhiteWings and a frisbee, which the men quickly utilized. 

My dad first got the WhiteWings out when I was about four years old. They are these little kits with card-stock cutouts that you glue together into all kinds of different little airplanes. They are actually rather sturdy, and you glue several layers together with a little hook in-between to use to launch it. There's a little stick you hold, which you tie a huge rubber band to, then you hook it on the plane, stretch it out, and slingshot the aircraft into the breeze. Different kinds do different tricks, some flip, some glide, some fly straight up, and some just crash into the ground. Anyway, I remember playing with these are parks on Sabbath afternoons, I would hold the plane and my dad would hold the launcher and we'd watch our little planes soar away. At the end of the day we'd come home and do a little mechanical work, bending wings back into place, re-gluing propellers, and sometimes putting nail polish on the nose to prevent splitting. I loved reminiscing this weekend with my dad. College is fun and I know I have to be here, but sometimes I just want to be four again, watching my planes soar away.
Megan the Tree Hugger