Here's the oven mitts I made for my mom and Grandma, out of fabric my mom Sheri Berry had designed. We ordered it from Spoonflower, which did a great job of color and fabric quality. I used a tutorial from this website.
Several years ago, my mom found this little vintage Singer Featherweight thrifting. Her mom had one just like it when my mom was a kid, and she had always wanted one of her own. It was in pretty good but not perfect condition, so we ended up taking it to my grandma's house to see if she could get it running smoothly. 

A few months ago, my grandma and her sisters came to visit me at Union and brought it so I could have a little sewing machine at school, all fixed up and ready to sew. It's so cute and little and works perfectly. I never got around to blogging about it, so now it's catch-up time. 
This weekend we got to spend some time with the family and ended up at an antique mall looking at a sofa cousin Megan was thinking about getting (which by the way is super-cute and is now hers!). I found this great science beaker which I quickly snatched, because you never know when you'll need one of these things. Not sure what I'll used it for yet, but right now it's 200 mL of emptiness. 
Came home to find a little Christmas tree in my room! Thanks to my super-awesome thrifty mom!