So I really wanted to get these up on Sunday, but of course I was catching up from the weekend events. I really just wanted to say happy Father's Day to my favorite dad in the world. I love you dad!
Old Dad
6/22/2011 07:48:44 am

To every mom and every dad, the tall, smart, responsible teenager backing out the driveway always simultaneously exists in imagination with the curious little tyke playing with scissors on their lap--and the same little personality at every other stage, too.

Before I had kids, it was not a role I dreamed about or hoped for. After I had kids, I realized it was the best, most interesting, and most important job I'd ever have.

What a joy to watch and help you learn and grow for so many years--glad I didn't miss a day of it--and what a privilege to have a ringside seat as you carve out your own place in the world with your unique combination of talents and interests.

There's more to say, but I'd better stop before I make the women in the audience reach for a hankie--or me for a kleenex. Happy Birthday!

6/25/2011 05:50:25 am

Oh Shelby that photo of you as a little girl is so absolutely adorable! I miss both of you guys :)


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