Today was a really, really, really nice day. This morning it was 65º, sunny, and crisp. My mother and I started off the day with a disappointing shopping spree, but came home and worked on taking photos of some of her stuff for her website. The family enjoyed a lunch of french fries, corn on the cob, and peaches, a natural go-together. Well, really it was a conglomeration of random grocery items we wanted to eat before they were forgotten. I also enjoyed some delicious baby pickles that are highly superior to the soggy pickle chips served at Union Market. 

Anyway, I decided that it was cake time, and I did the unthinkable. I caved. I fell into the inescapable trap of a box cake. I haven't always been like this. Actually, I only became a cake snob several months ago when I decided to whip up a cake from scratch. It turned out to be the best thing that's ever happened to my baking life, which previously consisted of cutting up chunks of frozen pillsbury cookie dough and occasionally baking a boxed fun-fetti cake for my brother. So for the last few months I've experimented with various cake recipes (ok... two. one coconut and one chocolate. But sometimes I make the frosting minty!) and sworn I'd never go back to boxed cake again. 

But last night I was meandering around at Target. Look! A box of white cake! I could disguise the fake-white-cake-taste by giving it coconut frosting! Well, um, no, you can't. I found that out today. From the moment I opened the Betty Crocker bag of magic cake powder, I knew something was wrong. A all-too-sweet odor hit me that smelled like those lotions and candles at Bath and Body Works that are named "cupcake" or "sprinkles." However, I went on to make the cake, whip up some frosting (with coconut flavor!) and make a semi-presentable pink coconut cake that, in my opinion, is slightly too sweet. 

But I've never been a white-cake fan anyway.
Maybe you would like it. 
Isn't it pretty though?

9/4/2011 12:08:54 pm

What a beautiful cake! And to think it came from a box. But that's OK Shelby---it's so pretty. Sixty-five degrees sounds great. It was not that cool here today but it was quite nice. I'm so happy for the cooler weather. Hope you got back to school OK.

9/5/2011 10:10:06 am

That is a picture perfect cake! I wish I was talented enough to make pretty cakes. And I use box cake mixes for lots of different desserts although I'm with you on the fact that home made usually tastes better.


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