Not identical cousins. But we all certainly share some family traits. One includes always needed to take cousin pictures. This weekend our cousin Arielle and her husband Robert came down to visit the family! You can see her blog here, and you really should check it out right away. Here's our normal cousin picture. We miss Cameron who is up in ND and Jacob who is working at camp for the summer. Oliver the dog was their stand-in. Although we don't usually hold them in pictures.
I don't really know why we ended up taking these silly girl pictures. We three probably haven't had a picture all together since we were about 11, 12, and 14. Anyway, it was so fun to see Arielle and Robert again and I can't wait till we can all be together again.
7/18/2011 04:19:08 am

Some pretty cute cousins, I'd say! Bet you had a good time with Arielle and Robert there. Too bad Jacob and Cameron weren't there.

Auntie J.
7/19/2011 12:19:20 pm

It was so fun to all be together. Shelby, you are such a talented young lady and it is so much fun looking at your blog. Thanks for being a good picture taker...these pixs are cute! I guess we should have had Arielle hold Maggie or Lillie to represent Cam....right? Ha

7/19/2011 01:07:25 pm

Awww I miss you so much! I can't wait until we can see each other again!


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