I have several posts on hold because I am having trouble with photos uploading properly. However, I think this is pretty urgent to share with you. Because it is delicious. 
There is a local dairy farm that sells their products to all the grocery stores in the KC area. The cool thing, and probably one reason they get so much business, is that they sell their milk in old-looking glass bottles that you can return for cash back! They are called Shatto and have many different flavors of milk, as well as some juice and ice cream. 

We tried Orange Dream last week and it was delectable! Refreshing and orangey without any ultra-fake flavor. 
This morning we tried Banana and it is delicious as well! They also make strawberry, chocolate, and root beer. You can even take field trip and tour the farm with your family or school. 

7/3/2011 02:25:23 am

This is neat, Shelby. We had a farm near Guthrie that sold milk, etc., in glass bottles. Ruth Ann and John took us there for a tour and it was fun. Reminded me of when I was a kid milking cows. You should go for a tour to Shatto's---would be fun. I read their whole web sight and looks like they stay busy!

7/4/2011 05:45:09 pm

That sounds good, too bad they don't sell that here :(


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