I felt flowery today. So I made felt flowers. You can find tutorials here and here, although I'm not sure why they both suggest fabric glue. Hot glue gun is the clear choice. Anyway, I think I'm going to put them on the walls near my bed, or the blank sides of the cubes I built. I think the first photo does the most justice to them and the colors. That blue is more aqua than it is letting on, I promise. 
These little guys are so cute, although they are indeed time consuming (although I'm sure much easier with hot glue than fabric glue!). I would just love to make more more more of them and put them all over the room (although I'd like to keep my roomie for the whole year. Wouldn't want her to think I'm flower-crazy).
Also, if you are interested to know, I made my first lasagna last night. Lasagna is not a food I grew up eating at home, only at other people's houses, and last night I just decided to give it a try. It was kinda fun to make and was pretty good. Nothing outstanding, but good. Oh, and for the record, the little apple pies were not really that great. Just in case anyone was wondering. 
8/17/2011 20:10:23

Shelby, these are so cute! I really like them---I can see them all over your room. And I think Rae would like them too. I looked at the tutorials and I think they would be fun to make. And I bet Julie would have fun making them with the Crafty Ladies over at the Methodist church at Jones, don't you think?


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