Here's a few of my favorite b-day gifts from my favorite people. 
1. Cutting Boards from Meijer. Great for dorm use.
2. Dishtowels, also Meijer and also for the dorm.
3. Mrs. Meyer's Clean Day Counter Spray. From Mrs. Meyer's at Whole Foods. Once again, for dorm usage.
4. Tiny Perfume from Love & Toast.
5. The Traveler's Guide to Planet Earth. This was from Logan and I absolutely love it. Travel books are the best.
6. 501 Must Visit Wild Places. Perfect for armchair travel (although I prefer the real deal).
7. Teeny tiny camera. Logan made this for me. Out of paper. It is truly incredible.
8. Movie Poster. Logan made this for me too. It's a version of the Transformers poster (I think) that he photoshopped especially for me.
6/26/2011 01:44:08 am

You sure got some nice gifts, Shel. I've never used Mrs. Myers---I'll have to get some. And Logan's camera and movie poster! They are so neat. Don't know how he does it. Sure a smart kid! (Like his sister.)


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