Don't try to skirt around it, vintage skirts are pretty much one of my favorite thrifting finds. Last week while I was at home, I picked up this adorable vintage wool skirt. It's perfect for winter because it's dark and wool, but it has some color which my church-going wardrobe sadly lacks. I've always seen winter as a time to wear black, brown, and gray, nothing too patterned or colorful. Maybe dark colors keep me warmer in the blustery weather of the plains. Speaking of which, today was possibly the most wretchedly blustery day so far this (school) year. The good news? Tomorrow promises a high of 25º and a low of 13º not including the windchill. I told my dad I love summer, because it's like a warm hug every time you walk outside. He disagrees. He loves winter, wearing coats, and walking out to that cold that takes away your breath. I can take it for a month or so, but when the wind starts, it's like a cold slap in the face.
A quick hemming job and it's ready to wear!
1/12/2012 12:19:29 pm

I love the skirt, Shelby. Thanks for putting it on your blog so we can see it. Bet you'll look cute in it! Back in the day, I would probably have worn it with a dark sweater and a little silk neckerchief, probably green.

1/13/2012 07:24:27 am

Oh that skirt is cute! You always find the best things!


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