In Canada we get to see them all! Anyone ever heard this song by Raffi? As a kid it was one of my faves, and now here I am! We got in last night and I'm a little off because it's two hours time change. The ferry ride was not bad, we popped a movie in and avoided the seasickness by avoiding looking anywhere but the screen.
We are praying that the weather gets better here on Grand Manan. The last two days of driving have been rain rain rain rain rain. So we hope that goes away, and quick! This morning it's not raining and not even too foggy! We are right on the water and it looks pretty good. Maybe I'll get Logan up and we'll go for a little beach walk. But remember, it's 6AM where we come from. More to come soon I'm sure. 

PS- Why didn't I bring a winter hat? It was totally freezing when we got in last night. Right now it is 6º Celsius. Sooo.... Let's convert that. My dashboard is telling me that's 42ishº. And the for today is supposed to be 11º so.... 51ºF. Ok. 
5/17/2011 10:18:22 am

Oh, I hope you and Logan got to go for a beach walk this morning and that it's not too cold. I bet the weather clears up for you---sure hope so! Have fun on Grand Manan.


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