Tonight, as I sit here in my college dorm room and my roommate and I pack for spring break, I can't help but wish it was last year, when I was headed on the best school trip ever. My science teacher decided to take us on a Marine Bio trip to Monterey Bay for the first half of spring break, and it was a BLAST. We stayed at Monterey Bay Academy, and our activities included going to Monterey Bay Aquarium, Whale Watching, Kayaking, Point Lobos State Park, and going tidepooling. For a bunch of midwesterners, this was quite the opportunity. And so it was that a year ago tomorrow, seven seniors, three juniors, a science teacher and three parents set out on a truly amazing trip. My favorite activity was on Sabbath, our first day, when we went to Point Lobos and hiked around the whole park. We all also really liked tidepooling and seeing all the anemones, urchins, and starfish. In the evenings, we would gather around and play board games, snack on fresh Cali fruit, and work on our lab reports. Here's some pictures from our trip, I've decided that for big albums like this it's better to put a photo gallery, plus then you can click them and they enlarge!

3/10/2011 11:48:27 am

I like it that you put up the photo gallery. Very cool--I love seeing all the pictures!


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