Ok. I can't help myself. 
I love lichen.
I adore tiny leaves. 
I delight in teeny succulents. 
I am smitten with eensy weensy mushrooms.
So here's more pictures of them. 
Enjoy. Because I sure do.
How precious. Oh-so-tiny mushrooms. The little round tops were less than a centimeter in diameter.

We went on a short hike today to "hole in the wall" on what I believe is the north side of the island. The trail is so pretty, it's very enchanting and has all kinds of plant and fungus life growing along the sides. It is also full of dramatic overlooks and drop-offs to the ocean or tiny hidden beaches. We discovered one very rocky beach today with a huge multitude of sea glass. It was hard to believe we could found more, and then we did!
Interesting fact: Grand Manan is famous for it's tide; it has the most dramatic tide in the whole world (I've been told). 

Also- the ferry is down. Our parents were supposed to get in tonight but this morning the ferry had some sort of malfunction and scraped the bottom, so it had to be inspected and such. Anyway, they didn't get in tonight and will try tomorrow. Hopefully there won't be too much of a backup of people trying to get in.

Well, we are really hoping for good weather tomorrow, but we'll see. We've heard that it will rain, but we've also heard that it could be sunny with scattered showers. Hopefully we can get another hike in! 

I have even more pictures from today, hopefully they'll be up soon!

5/18/2011 01:20:44 pm

I just gotta say I am so jealous of your trip--in the best way! lol! You take the best photos too! What a great place to be stuck at :)

5/19/2011 04:41:29 am

The hike to "the hole in the wall" looks like a fun hike. And I think Logan has grown a few inches, he looks so tall! I still like your lichen, too, and the little mushrooms are so cute. More good pics!

Maine Dad
5/19/2011 08:53:31 am

"Less than a centimeter in diameter"? What is this--We send you to Canada for a few days and all of a sudden you're going all metric on us?!? Next thing we know, you're gonna be asking how many kilometres it is to the next rest area! Well, enjoy your beautiful world of nature, even as we enjoy the seafaring, colonial-era vibe of Portland and the comforts of this swank downtown condo. You'd love to see (and shoot) the old-town cobblestone charm we enjoyed today!


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