Yes. College is all fun and games. Ok, it's all fun and educational games. In two of my classes, from now until spring break, we are playing giant class games. One is Renaissance and Reformation, where we are "ReActing" the aftermath of the Trial of Anne Hutchison. Lots of Puritan stuff, which reminds me of the snow Colonial House, fashioned after other PBS series Texas Ranch House, Pioneer House, and 1800s House. All of these are very good shows. But instead of volunteering to be put in a Colonial house, or church, with reality TV camera men following us around, we each assume a role (supports of Anne, supporters of John Winthrop, or immigrants) and must write our papers, speeches, and conversations as that character. I am Supporter of Winthrop Number One. 

In my other class, Tech Writing and Grant Proposals, we are playing "Hypothetica" where we are each in teams of two, and each team rules a province in the Land of Hypothetica. We are all competing to have Foreign Mining Company join our area and must use our technical skills to write them letters and proposals. 

As you can see, the last few weeks have been riveting and most of all, busy busy busy. Did I mention that my game manual for Anne Hutchison is 110 pages? Good thing I read it all yesterday. 
2/20/2012 12:03:14 pm

You have been busy I know. Your fun and games sound, well---fun! I'm sure you are a great supporter of John Winthrop in R&R. And I'm also sure you will be convincing in your proposals to the Foreign Mining Company in the Land of Hypothetica. I'm glad the teachers make your classes fun. And just think, it's only a couple weeks away from Spring break when you can have some more fun!

2/23/2012 12:15:52 pm

Shelby that sounds like fun! And you know I love pioneer house etc :) I bet you'll do amazing on both assignments!


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