For almost two months I've been working on and off on a project for my Ancient Western Lit class. I decided to map out The Odyssey in a way that I felt was fun and contrasted a bit with the usual depictions of dark, creepy mythology. One cool part about making a map was that I could choose to set the story in a real location such as the Mediterranean, or I could invent my own geographic area. After doing a little research, I found that none of Odysseus’s stops match up exactly with real locations on earth. Many people have tried to map his journey around the Mediterranean Sea but no one will ever really know where Homer set the story. Perhaps it wasn’t meant to be real places at all. Since none of the maps I found matched up with each other, I decided to create lands, seas, coasts, and oceans the way I pictured them as I read the story.
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I was so happy to finally get the project turned in. It was a lot of fun but after such a busy week it was nice to be done with everything. Now today I just have to go to three classes and an hour of work and then head out for Thanksgiving!  
Back to the Future is one of my favorite movies ever. I have always envied Marty McFly for his trip back to the fifties. The dresses, the music, the ponytails.... it's just so classy.
This last weekend the ASB hosted a fifties-style banquet. 

We never made it to a banquet last year, so we decided that this time we'd make a point to go. It was held downtown at the haymarket at the train station, which was pretty cool. Almost everyone was dressed to impress in adorable fifties outfits, saddle shoes, etc.

 I've been meaning to put some photos up for quite some time now, but it turns out that the week before Thanksgiving break is an extremely busy time. I had my astronomy lab final on Tuesday night (basically pointing out 30 things in the night sky) and we had our test over the chapters in the book (the life and death of stars) the next day. Plus today I had my project due for Ancient Western Lit, which was very exciting. The downside is that I seem to have nothing clever or fun to say about my very belated pictures. The upside is that tomorrow I get to go home!

RaeLea, me and Savannah in our matching gray coats!
RaeLea and I agreed- yesterday was one of the best Sabbaths we've had since we've been here, at least this year. 

We braved the wind and went to Sabbath school and noon church, ate a small meal in the caf, and then the girls came back to our room and the boys went back to theirs. RaeLea and I made a little more food and spent some time talking and relaxing while fighting drowsiness and the urge for Sabbath "Lay" activities (napping!). Around 5:30 we decided to head over to the park with the guys and our friend Savannah. Zach and Mikey enjoyed some time throwing the football around until it got too dark out. 

We took some pictures by the lake and then headed back to UC just in time for the annual ASB event Splash for Cash! Well, Zach and Savannah and I splashed while RaeLea and Mikey watched and guarded our belongings. The Splash for Cash evening involves five main events: cardboard boat races, splashing for cash, diving board contests, swimming races, and seeing how many people can fit in a cardboard boat without sinking. The main event is when they put $400 in bills in the pool and everyone lines up around the edge to jump in and get as much as they can. I got a whole five dollars! I'm totally excited because that's five dollars I didn't have when I woke up yesterday morning.

The event lasted about two hours and then we ran back to the dorm and got comfy and warm. After diving for money and participating in two races, I was thoroughly tired and ready for bed. The best part was that I got an extra hour to sleep!
Here's a project for work that we've been working on since last year. Brought to you by the class of '14.

As an incoming freshman during the 10/11 school year, I was required to take a CORE class in the area of my chosen major or interest. My friend Rachel and I joined the Humanities CORE 108 class meeting on Tuesday nights at 5:30. I can't imagine anything worse I though to myself the first week, why do I have to go to class AT NIGHT? Well, what was originally dreaded turned out to be the highlight of every week. CORE 108 wasn't really a desk/homework/assignment class at all. Instead, each Tuesday at 5:30, about 12 of us freshman interested in English, History, Communications, or International Studies joined our professors for dinner in a conference room or at a teacher's house. The faculty took turns cooking delicious dishes for us, and we discussed those items that college freshman need to know but that are not offered in any class. At the end of the semester, one of the things we suggested for future CORE classes (we were the first class ever) was a list of possible jobs for each major. After I left the class I totally forgot about this request. 

About a month ago, on a Tuesday afternoon, it came to my attention that we needed some lists arranged for core class that night. I didn't have a current project, so my boss asked if I could "make each list on a separate sheet, and make them look attractive." I found out that these were lists of majors and jobs that we had requested last year. Eventually we also decided that small excerpts from the bulletin should be printed on the back to give prospective students an idea of what classes they would need to take. 

Several weeks and many photocopies later, we finally have 9 compiled major lists of jobs and classes, color-coded and arranged on the wall right inside the office. For example, What Can I Do With My English Major? Oh, I can be a crossword puzzle maker, journalist, novelist, or technical writer. 

I really hope these lists are helpful to current or prospective students thinking about joining the Humanities division in deciding what career is right for them.
It's a very, very blustery day outside. It's Winds-day.
Every time I hear the world "blustery" I think of Winnie the Pooh. I'm not even sure why; I don't have that much recollection of Winnie from my childhood. 

This morning is blustery. It is rather cold and the temperature is dropping, with a wintery mix of rain, snow, and sleet. It's not cold enough to stick just yet, my ever-faithful Weather Channel App promises "some snow accumulations on grassy surfaces, up to one inch."

Now it's 36º outside. This morning it was about 50º when I woke up. I actually quite enjoy the excitement of it all—at least until late January when I am sick and tired of wintery weather. For now, though, it makes me want to curl up by a fire while reading and drinking tea. Cliché? Oh yes. But really now, who could resist?

When I first went to class this morning it was barely sprinkling. When I went to work an hour later, it was pouring down sleet. As I've mentioned, I work up in the Humanities Division, and this week I'm getting posters printed to promote pre-registration. Register early and the first 15 students to bring their schedules will get a $10 gift card! That's our promo. I'm not sure why I'm advertising it so well, I really would love to win one myself. Anyway, probably one of my favorite parts of my job is picking up posters, cards, and fliers that have been printed at our neighbor AdventSource. It's so satisfying to see something you've worked on finally in print. I've gotten to know the production people over there, so when I go to pick something up I can just walk right in and help myself. I really like that, it makes me feel just like my mother and how she must have been (and still is) when she was in college. 

So I picked up my posters, satisfied with the results, and Mike, the printing guru, offered me a bag so they wouldn't get wet. It turned out to be perfect, because I spent the next hour traipsing through campus posting them throughout the various buildings (Ok, let's be real, it's a small campus so "posting them throughout three buildings" would be more accurate) as the rain came down and thunder rolled. Actually, it's still thundering now even though it's snowing, which really is rather strange. 

After a short Spanish test I headed up to my room for a little blog time before lunch. I'm taking a friend to work so she doesn't' have to ride her bike through this mess, and then off to astronomy. 

"Now the very blustery night turned into a very rainy night. And Pooh kept his lonely vigil, hour after hour, after hour—until at last, Pooh fell asleep—and began to dream"

Reason # 46275 that I love my roomie: Shel leaves me messages in Spanglish!