It's hard to believe we have only five weeks of school left! The next five weeks are going to go by so fast because I'm probable going to be busier than I've been all year. This weekend I started writing a final paper for my Renaissance and Reformation class about the Scientific Revolution. To prepare and get sources, I bribed RaeLea to go down to UNL with me to to giant library—with the promise that I'd buy her ice cream. I was really glad because it's a huge library (in six or seven buildings) and she was more helpful than any librarian I've ever encountered. So I ended up with 12 riveting books about the Scientific Revolution, religion and science, society and science, and everything in between. I wrote my bibliography right away for two reasons, a) because that's the kind of thing English majors don't mind and actually sort of like to do and b) because always at the end of a paper I just want to be done and not worrying about little technicalities. 

It's full-on spring here, which means sun streaming through windows and creating greenhouses out of the dorms, ad building, and caf. RaeLea and I are quite lucky because we are on the wing of the dorm with individual AC units, and so far our room is the only place I've been able to cool off in the last 24 hours. I'm not complaining—this is twenty times better than trudging through the snow this time of year, which could happen in the midwest.

Every day since spring break, I've eaten one grapefruit, and every few days I've had a kiwi. I've never, ever been good about eating fruits and veggies but this nice weather just put me on a fruit kick. Most of the ones I've gotten from UC Market have been delicious!

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