It seems like I have just been so busy lately! On Friday night, Mikey and I went camping with the ministry club which was fun, and we came back tired and ready for a shower. Yesterday I worked on a project for class pretty much all day; at least it was fun homework! This week so far seems pretty mundane, no huge tests or anything to worry about. Last week I had an astronomy test, and even though it was really hard I just find it all so interesting! While we were camping (out in the country, although it's never far when you're here) it was really easy to see all the stars (and Jupiter!). There was a meteor shower Friday night/Saturday morning but we were all much to cold and tired to jump out of our freezing little tents to go see it. Lesson learned: Try to camp when the low for the night is at least 55º or 60º and always, always bring an air mattress. 
Anyway, I totally geek out when I'm studying astronomy, and all I want to do is watch Apollo 13 and go work for NASA. How fun would that be? Did you know that a "shooting star" is actually just a dust-sized speck that hits the atmosphere, burning and causing a meteor, which is the incandescent light we see? Or that the actual speck is known as a meteoroid if it never hits the earth, and if it does it's called a meteorite? But usually they don't hit the earth because they are so small that they are completely burned. We can usually see 5-8 of these "falling stars" per hours on any given night. 
Well, enough geekiness for one day. 
10/24/2011 01:21:22 pm

Wow! Did you take that photo? It's great. And you are so brave to go camping, I just can hardly make myself like that sort of thing lol! I'll do it I just usually end up not enjoying it haha. I love all your facts about astronomy. That's such a great subject! I can totally see you working for NASA by the way :)


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