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For thirty years, Union has taken a day out of the school year to serve the Lincoln community. There are no classes on Project Impact day, and most on-campus jobs are closed so that students can participate in this mass-community-service event. Today was my second ever Project Impact, and the thirtieth year overall. Lots of us have parents who have participated in this even, which at the time was known as Project BRUSH (Beautifying Residences Using Student Help). Originally, the idea was mainly to paint houses for people who didn't have the capabilities or time to do it themselves. Eventually, though, Union added the opportunity to volunteer for many other local non-profit organizations. Unfortunately, the super-cool acronym BRUSH was also left behind. 

To my knowledge, Project Impact is the longest-runing annual volunteer day of any school in the US. Participation is usually at least 80% and as many as 50-75 sites are visited each year. This year was a pretty big deal, the Nebraska state senator Tony Fulton was here and he read us a proclamation, proclaiming today 30th Project Impact day. I'm not exactly sure what that means, but it's kind of cool. In addition, Ted Wilson, the president of the Adventist World Church was also here to congratulate and encourage us and to work with a team.

I was pretty excited that the shirts this year are, as Pastor Rich says, "Paprika" or a pink-orange color. We started off the day cleaning at a local community center, something that RaeLea and I were pretty good at with all our daycare disinfecting experience. When we were done there we went to a house and helped paint for awhile before it was time to go. It was really cool to be a part of this 30 year milestone. Apparently the Lincoln media was supposed to cover this pretty thoroughly, so if I find any interesting articles or videos I'll be sure to post them. 

9/8/2011 01:00:19 pm

I'm glad you participated in Project BRUSH, I mean Project Impact. That's really a neat thing the college does. I'm sure your dad remembers it as well as Auntie Judy. And I like the shirts too---good color! I like the picture at the clock tower. (And the other ones also.)
Was pretty neat to have Ted Wilson and the Nebraska state senator there. Way to go, UC!


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