Yesterday in church we sang "Reach Out to Jesus," a song which my dad heard a lot as a kid. He would always sing "walking by our side in His lovely hide," imagining Jesus wearing a lovely animal hide as all Bible characters do. One day as he sang it to himself, a family member overheard, laughed, and informed him that the real words were "walking by our side, in His love we hide." Kids seem to have a way to make up their own words for things and rationalize them. When I was little, I always thought it was Drastic Park, where the dinosaurs ruled the earth, which would in fact be pretty drastic. I didn't watch them till I was much older so for some time that's what I was convinced Jurassic Park was. When my roommate was little, she though it was "takin' care of biscuits" instead of "business." I know Logan had a few funnies too but I can't remember any right now. What did you hear differently when you were a kid?
3/4/2012 09:53:01 am

Oh that's cute, Shelby. I remember Rhonda used to sing "a spoonful of sugar helps the nedicine go down." We could not convince her it was "medicine." And grandpa used to sing "Whosoever surely bingham be" instead of "whosoever surely meaneth me." The only think I can remember singing was "Andy walks with me, Andy talks with me, Andy tells me I am his own." I never could figure out who Andy was.


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