My usual class during this time has been cancelled for today. My Renaissance and Reformation class has no homework this entire week. It's kind of throwing me off. But hey, I can't complain. 

Last night was the evening class. I enjoy it, it's like Book Club once a week and you get a grade for it. However, if it's supposed to meet from six to eight-forty, why am I still sitting there at nine? Got back to the room and found messages from Mikey on the answering machine. He has Jones Soda. After taste testing each, he let me keep them.

Sugarplum: It's like carbonated Dimatapp. And maybe we should stick to black and white pictures. Gingerbread tastes like you are drinking gingerbread cookie dough. Pear tree is the best, although it's not true to its name. If it really wanted to taste like a tree, it should taste like the UC caf salad, which has so many assorted greens it tastes like you are eating tree leaves, dandelion, and pokeweed. Maybe Jones should stay away from holiday specials.
Tom S
2/2/2012 02:58:09 am

Those flavors sound not so tasty, but at least not as bad as the "Turkey Dinner" that I think Jones Soda did once. By the way, it's "pokeweed" and not named after a president.


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