RaeLea, me and Savannah in our matching gray coats!
RaeLea and I agreed- yesterday was one of the best Sabbaths we've had since we've been here, at least this year. 

We braved the wind and went to Sabbath school and noon church, ate a small meal in the caf, and then the girls came back to our room and the boys went back to theirs. RaeLea and I made a little more food and spent some time talking and relaxing while fighting drowsiness and the urge for Sabbath "Lay" activities (napping!). Around 5:30 we decided to head over to the park with the guys and our friend Savannah. Zach and Mikey enjoyed some time throwing the football around until it got too dark out. 

We took some pictures by the lake and then headed back to UC just in time for the annual ASB event Splash for Cash! Well, Zach and Savannah and I splashed while RaeLea and Mikey watched and guarded our belongings. The Splash for Cash evening involves five main events: cardboard boat races, splashing for cash, diving board contests, swimming races, and seeing how many people can fit in a cardboard boat without sinking. The main event is when they put $400 in bills in the pool and everyone lines up around the edge to jump in and get as much as they can. I got a whole five dollars! I'm totally excited because that's five dollars I didn't have when I woke up yesterday morning.

The event lasted about two hours and then we ran back to the dorm and got comfy and warm. After diving for money and participating in two races, I was thoroughly tired and ready for bed. The best part was that I got an extra hour to sleep!
11/6/2011 11:43:13 am

These pictures are really cute. It must have been really windy---and cold! And I bet you were excited to be $5 richer after participating in Splash for Cash. Seems like you got $4 last year. What fun!

11/10/2011 03:48:38 am

Great pictures! I like that sunset in the background. And the splash for cash looks like so much fun!


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