Well, it's our last Friday at UC. I have two classes, but since it's a dead day all we are doing is review for our finals. I have four exams next week: West and the World, Geography, College Algebra, and MicroComputer Apps. So these last few days Rae and I have been alternating between study and packing. We started by taking everything off the walls- shelves, pictures, postcards, more shelves. Then the strands of lights came down, followed by endless command strips and hooks. The room is sad and lonely now, and we don't even like to be in it. Not to mention it is very messy with packing supplies.
We decided to take one last before-the-packing picture.
4/29/2011 03:09:58 am

It's lookin' pretty sad, Shelby. How are you going to get all the stuff in the car?


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