As I finish up my first year of college, I realize that many of the things my parents told me about this year turned out to be true. Of course, I’ve always known they were right about everything, but some things really stand out to me. Then again, there are things other people told me that have turned out to be quite the opposite.

“You will be having too much fun to be homesick.” –parents, teachers, family, friends
 True. I’m a huge crybaby/homebody. But once you get into work, school, classes, friends, clubs, and everything else, you don’t have time get too depressed about missing your family. PLUS you can always visit.

“You will get used to the community showers.” –mom
 Ummm... sort of true. As long as you always wear flip-flops and avoid eye contact over the too-short-shower-stall-walls then you are OK.

“You will make new friends.” –everyone says this
TRUE! Of course you will. It’s almost impossible to go to a class and sit by someone for a whole semester and not get to be, at the least, friendly acquaintances.

“It’s not the letter grades you get, it’s who you know and the connections you make that will help you find a job” –Both parents
So far, true. Even small/part time jobs on campus are more about being at the right place at the right time. 

“You HAVE to go into college knowing how to write a perfect paper. You will have to do it all the time. If you don’t, you will be in BAD shape.” –teachers
False. There’s a reason for the class called College Writing I and another reason for College Writing II. Yes, you should be practicing good paper writing techniques in high school, but often you are left to fend for yourself. In college, a whole class is devoted to teaching you how to write. Just make sure you actually take it to heart.

“College is a time when your faith, morals, and beliefs will be tested.” –teachers
True and false. Yes, but never in a way you would expect. People don’t just walk up to you saying and say “If you don’t agree with evolution I will beat you up!” It’s just not quite like that.

“In college, YOU have too seek out the teacher if you need help.” –Teachers
Mostly true. On the syllabus, teachers give office hours, home phone numbers, cell phone numbers, email addresses, and more. It’s almost impossible not to get in contact with them if you take the first step.

“If you don’t sit in the laundry room while you clothes are washing, people will steal them” –anyone who has lived in a dorm
False. Usually people will leave your clothes alone. The worst that’s happened to me is people taking them out before they are done drying.

“You are your future roommate are too similar. Surely you will fight.” –women say this
False. The situation is what you two decide to make of it, and you could end up with someone who is your friend for life. 

“Just because you and your boyfriend go to the same school doesn’t mean you’ll get to hang out at all” –parents
Not really true. We eat together every lunch and dinner, and we even study together sometimes. It’s much better than the whole long distance thing.

“Getting mail is the BEST!” –anyone who has been away from home
TRUE! I love checking the mail and I love getting stuff. Even if we get letters from financial services or the library saying books are overdue. It’s just kinda fun.

"Caf food is poisonous." –people who don't go to UC
MMmmm.... false. I guess. It's not poison, but it's not always delicious. UC offers lots of other snack foods though, so when the meal is bad we can get stuff at the sandwich bar, salad bar, fruit bar, cereal bar, or just chips and a drink.

So this is a little of what I've learned this year.
5/2/2011 03:46:50 am

You've learned well, Shelby. I love all your thoughts here:) Your parents and grand parents are so proud of you!

5/3/2011 01:43:15 pm

Well, the old TV show “Father Knows Best” has a pretty good motto, and yes, your father does, as does your mother, and I am proud to say you, Shelby seem to be pretty good at knowing best. How proud am I of my little girl all grown up and finished with her first year away from home? Very proud! And I know you best!

5/4/2011 08:53:38 am

I would like to add a corollary to your discussion about writing classes in college, high school, or anywhere else: "You can teach formulas for physically putting words on a page, but you can't teach imagination, creativity, or originality."


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