A find from my long weekend: Mrs. Meyer's Clean Day Candle. It smells like cranberry and it was half off. Thank you, Target. What a way to make my weekend even better. Got to spend quality time with the roomie, friends, and Mikey, so a weekend well spent.

Now we're in week two of sixteen. So I suppose that after this week, we are one eighth through the semester. See, who says English majors can't do math?

It was nice starting the week on a Tuesday, since usually Mondays have 5,830,128 things going on. I just finished up the last of my assignments for tomorrow: Three Letters and a Memo for tech writing. We are learning how to write polite business letters and complaints.
Dear Student Visa System People, Why do you make this so difficult? Must we really drive all the way to Chicago to see you? You are going to ruin my year. Oh wait, that evades rule number seven, "avoid the sympathy trap." The good news is, we get to write to a hypothetical situation, get graded, and have our papers returned to us. 

I love that class. And I'm not one bit sarcastic when I say that.

Tonight? Just leading my Local Literature class in a quiz and discussion for an hour or so. Then I'm printing out tomorrow's papers and heading to bed.

Oh yes, and it snowed last night. 

1/17/2012 16:36:46

I'm so happy you had a really good weekend and that you got to start this week with Tuesday and that you love Tech Writing. It sounds like your second week of the semester if off to a great start---it will be Spring break before you know it!


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