In exactly 40 minutes, I will be at my Astronomy lab. 
But not a minute sooner. 
Actually, a few minutes sooner, because if you are late you loose a point. After 5 minutes, you loose two points. I'd rather keep my points, thank you very much.
Until then, however, I'm sitting here and working on stuff for my job, as well as checking out this sweet sprout thing coming out of my cactus. I have no idea what it is, but I'm so proud that I have a plant that isn't dying! At first I thought RaeLea put some kind of stick in there as a joke. But it's the real deal. I hope it turns into a flower. 
Wouldn't that be exciting?
I swear it wasn't there last night when I put the blinds down; it had to pop up over a period of several hours. This cactus has accomplished more today than I have.
Until I go to astronomy lab, that is. I'm sure we will accomplish quite a lot. Any maybe, just maybe, we will be done by 10:00 instead of 11:00. 
Oh, also here is a photo of a super cool catapiller-type bug we found this weekend.


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