How they linger, how they ever flood my soul. Yes, I like that song. I got a card from my grandpa and I absolutely love it. A few weeks ago, while dubbing old family home videos, I made a DVD of all the parts where we were visiting my grandparents and sent it to them to watch whenever they had time. Now even for the person IN the home movies, they can get boring. Bless them, they watched the whole thing (nearly two hours) all the way through! Anyway, my grandpa sent me a thank you note which made my day, and even made me cry a little. But in a good way. I love my grandparents so much and I can't imagine my childhood (which I still sort of consider myself to be in) without them.
That's me on the front of the card, with my little brother. I really don't know what I'm feeding him. Maybe a peach?
Here's me and my grandpa and my great grandma. I think this was around my first birthday, but I really don't know.

Oh Shelby, that's so neat. I'm happy grandpa made your day. Yes, that was a peach. We went up to Windrift and picked peaches---they were so good!


Shelby I have never seen that photo of you and Logan--it's absolutely adorable! I love home movies--I still want to see yours :)


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