You'd think it was the Fourth of July. Oh wait, no, you wouldn't, because here in the midwest the Fourth is hot, muggy, mosquito-y and chigger-y. Today was warm and sunny with a nice breeze and NO bugs!!! The UC Preview Days peeps put on a great weekend for Preview kids coming in to check out the school. They really have been doing a great job with it this year. The visitors have a custom schedule during Friday to visit whatever classes they are interested in, and then Friday afternoon is a tour of the big city. Sabbath calls for park activities including music, basket ball, slackline (something that looks very cool, all the IRR kids love it and I would love to try!), baseball throwing, frisbee, and other park activities. Saturday evening finds them back on campus, running throughout the trees of the Joshua C. Turner Arboretum (Yes, our campus with over 100 species of trees is, in fact, a state arboretum) playing laser tag in the dark with other UC prospects. Not that I didn't have a great time getting my free tshirt last year at College Days, but I sure wish I could go to Preview Days this year! They have great leadership that really shows what a friendly environment UC has to anyone interested in attending.
Music and various gymnastics in the park. Zach flips out.
4/16/2011 10:53:07 pm

The Preview Days look great. I can see that UC does well in promoting the college. By-the-way, how "young" can you be to attend Preview? Would a 70+ grandma be eligible? Looks/sounds like a lot of fun :)

4/17/2011 02:23:43 pm

I'm so glad you guys are getting nice weather! By the way that photo collage is really neat!


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