A few weeks ago I got an email saying that the Clocktower, UC's newspaper, was having a photo contest. Well guess who got a picture published? The theme was "your favorite place" and I submitted several, one of a beach in Seaside, Florida (where the movie The Truman Show was filmed).
Mine was the picture on the bottom in the middle.
Here is the original... plus it looks better in color.
Oh- and in other news, I had interviewed for an internship in the Humanities department, and this week I found out that I got it! I am the new Retainment Intern, and I'm so excited to work with a great group of ladies next school year! We are going to be the Humanities Manatees :) I guess that doesn't have great connotation (doesn't manatee mean Sea Cow?). But we are all so excited!
Dakota Tom
4/28/2011 07:30:24 am

Great job on front-paging your photo of Seaside in living black and white! The only thing that could make the <i>Clocktower</i> better would be a dynamic young editor (or photo editor, or columnist) in a year or two who could return the name "Seibold" to its staff directory.

Congrats on the new job. Who needs to be an "R.A." when you can be an "R.I."? I like your new title almost as much as one I ran into where I work a few years ago: "Director of Sales Enablement."

4/28/2011 08:52:28 am

Good picture, Shelby, and I'm happy it made "The Clocktower." Somehow I'm not surprised. And congrats on your new job for next year! The Humanities dept. will find out they made a great choice for their new "Retainment Intern." You go girl!

4/29/2011 10:11:37 am

Shelby congratulations! I'm so happy you have been published, lucky you! :D


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