Last night, at approximately 4:00AM, we were rudely awakened by a guest in our trash can. Because of our cantaloupe feed last night, we had taken out the trash and put a new bag in, so there was nothing in the trash. Upon hearing extensive rustling, I grabbed my trusty flashlight and pointed it in the general direction of the trash, and the noise stopped. I leapt off the top bunk (and by "leapt" I mean "crawled slowly and cautiously down"), ran over to my desk, and jumped on top. I shined my light into the trash, and the two black eyes of a mouse stared up at me. This was no big surprise; we had been hearing his little feet scampering about and later we would find little "gifts" for us. "GROSS!" I shrieked quietly to RaeLea, "It is IN the trash! WHAT do I do?" He just kept looking at me, totally still. Well, of course my first reaction was to take a picture of him. He was actually pretty cute. I felt like the guy from Ratatouille as he holds the rat over the river. Don't hurt me! I'm just trying to eat! Plus look at my big, cute eyes!! it seemed to be saying to me. Plus, even though he was tiny and cute, I wasn't fond of getting too close. He had, after all, managed to get himself in there. Getting out seemed much easier. But, eventually I climbed down from the desk and tied up the bag, and relocated him. Not killed- because, well, gross. Just relocated. Let's just say he's in a better place now. 
3/29/2011 01:53:08 am

Oh Shel, you're so brave! Good for you. So proud :) Mom

3/29/2011 02:00:28 am

Awwww! He's so cute, but you did the right thing to "relocate" him.

3/29/2011 03:20:59 am

I feel this photo, with this perspective, represents the despair of modern man, more aware of the larger world than ever before, but trapped in a place where he is helpless to control or influence any of it.

Next time, I'd like to see more close-up work on the mouse's face, perhaps while he is posed on a large block of cheese and looking directly into your lens. To understand this mouse, we really need to understand his motivations as portrayed through facial expressions. That revealing of his character is a job for a fine portrait artist like you.

Rees the Cat
3/29/2011 07:37:25 am

mmm, MMMM, MMMMMMM! Grrrrr! Meow meow MEOW! Grrrrr! Pounce pounce POUNCE! Snap, crackle, POP!

Rees the Cat
3/29/2011 07:40:50 am

Mine, mine! Get away! MY treat! You can't have any! Grrrrrr! HISSSSSS! Num, num, num . . .

3/29/2011 04:05:55 pm

Oh Shelby! You caught it! You are much braver than I would be haha. Is it so weird that I think the mouse is cute!?


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