But not from Chef Boyardee. This week, I had a blast with my grandma and her two sisters who stopped by Union on their way to North Dakota. After several busy days catching up with old friends and an all-day car ride, they had more energy and pep than any of my friends who spent the day sitting in classes. They really wanted to go to Trader Joe's, and I was not at all opposed to spending some time out of the room shopping for fun foods. In addition to buying fun snacks for the rest of their trip, my grandma got me these tiny little raviolis! They are PERFECT for the dorm as a nice alternative to just plain mini shells or orzo for those long Sundays when Union Market isn't open. Not that I go running to devour the caf food, but let's face it, most of the time it just takes too much time and effort to cook for ourselves. However, it all changes now. Mini-ravioli, you are my new staple. 
9/25/2011 09:37:27 am

Yum! Ravioli is so much better than regular pasta :)


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