Here's a project for work that we've been working on since last year. Brought to you by the class of '14.

As an incoming freshman during the 10/11 school year, I was required to take a CORE class in the area of my chosen major or interest. My friend Rachel and I joined the Humanities CORE 108 class meeting on Tuesday nights at 5:30. I can't imagine anything worse I though to myself the first week, why do I have to go to class AT NIGHT? Well, what was originally dreaded turned out to be the highlight of every week. CORE 108 wasn't really a desk/homework/assignment class at all. Instead, each Tuesday at 5:30, about 12 of us freshman interested in English, History, Communications, or International Studies joined our professors for dinner in a conference room or at a teacher's house. The faculty took turns cooking delicious dishes for us, and we discussed those items that college freshman need to know but that are not offered in any class. At the end of the semester, one of the things we suggested for future CORE classes (we were the first class ever) was a list of possible jobs for each major. After I left the class I totally forgot about this request. 

About a month ago, on a Tuesday afternoon, it came to my attention that we needed some lists arranged for core class that night. I didn't have a current project, so my boss asked if I could "make each list on a separate sheet, and make them look attractive." I found out that these were lists of majors and jobs that we had requested last year. Eventually we also decided that small excerpts from the bulletin should be printed on the back to give prospective students an idea of what classes they would need to take. 

Several weeks and many photocopies later, we finally have 9 compiled major lists of jobs and classes, color-coded and arranged on the wall right inside the office. For example, What Can I Do With My English Major? Oh, I can be a crossword puzzle maker, journalist, novelist, or technical writer. 

I really hope these lists are helpful to current or prospective students thinking about joining the Humanities division in deciding what career is right for them.
11/6/2011 11:33:28 am

I really like this, Shelby. It is very attractive, very professional-looking, and I'm sure will be very helpful to incoming 'core class' members. You do such good work. (And, I'm happy that your core class last year turned out to be the highlight of the week!)


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