Or hardly working? Sometimes it feels like it up here in the Humanities Division, oftentimes because what we are paid to do is so fun it doesn't feel like work! Today I sent out 4 giant cards to our students studying abroad, and now I'm giving short spiel on Humanities and ACA as Preview Days students tour the division. I actually really like Preview Days, it's so much more fun than when I came. Last year they even had a giant game of laser-tag at night around the whole campus lawn for the visiting kids. 
Yes, this is really tough work, but sometimes we manage to have a little fun. In fact, I really just wanted to quote Rachel on my-favorite-thing-she's-ever-said. This morning, amidst our back-breaking work, we were discussing how it seems that every time we log on facebook, someone else has gotten engaged. And this is what she said:
"So many people are getting married! I mean, can you imagine getting engaged right now? I can't! I have to grow my hair out first."
Such wise, wise words. 

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