Every summer we fill a huge jar with sliced cucumbers and vinegar water. This recipe varies a little depending what we have in the garden (or what is on sale at the store!) but usually starts with one part water to one part apple cider vinegar. This year we also tried adding our fresh basil leaves (which add a wonderful flavor and are highly recommended) and some peppers. Don't forget to salt to taste and store in the fridge. We also tried pickled turnips with a hint of beet (for the hot pink color!). 
Check out my mom's blog for more information later this week at Sheri Berry

Your pickled cukes and turnips are so pretty! I'll have to try some.


Not only do those look yummy but your photos of them are beautiful!

Auntie J.

And not only are they pretty, they are delicious. I could not stop eating them! Yummy on a sandwich or just to pop in your mouth all alone. Good job pickle maker.


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