...just not this book.
Last Saturday Mikey and I have been dating two years. Yes, the same day Zach proposed.
I think someone was trying to steal our thunder ;-)
So Mikey thought it would be cool to have a "false book" but had neither the patience nor the cutting abilities to carry it out. I mean that in the most loving way possible :D
So, I made him one. I wish I had pictures of the whole thing, but I don't.
The next day, he stopped his one-year of strict vegan-ism, so of course I supplied chocolate bars and swiss miss. 
oh- don't worry. It's an old Readers Digest compilation book. We have a spare copy.
6/9/2011 02:33:56 pm

Ohhh I'm pretty sure Robert has always wanted to do that--make a false book I mean lol. Congrats to Mikey on a whole year of being vegan, I certainly could not do it!


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