Welcome to a special edition post of Cakes of Yesteryear! We will now journey back throughout the birthdays, the cakes, the candles, and the parties. My mom was always into birthdays; without going overboard (although my dad begs to differ) she always had a theme, a cake, and decorations. Meanwhile, my dad had an uncanny ability to always invite one of his friends over for supper on the night of my birthday, thus my parties usually involved lots of fun "adult talk" between the men while my mom scurried around taking photos. Nevertheless, no birthday would be complete without a visit from "uncle Paul" (family friend who never misses an event), cake, and lots of time with the family. Enjoy the journey back in time!

Year One

Here's the first birthday. That's me, on the right, and my "twin" cousin Justin on the left. We were born on the same day in the same year, although he is about 20 hours older. Maybe even 23. It was pretty impressive that our mothers were able to pull that off. Anyway, this photo is taken at our grandparents' house in Oklahoma. That's our great-grandpa behind us. Apparently on this first birthday we were given snazzy sunglasses to shield out the hot June sun. I know we also had cupcakes, but I couldn't find a picture. Oh, well.

Happy First Birthday!

Two Years Old


I don't know a lot of the history behind this birthday. I just know that I had a tiny pink flamingo on my itsy bitsy cake. Here's Justin and I again, and it looks like we have tiny garden-themed cup cakes (for what I assume was a party) and then the lower picture is my flamingo cake. Maybe that was on my actual birthday. Anyway, two years down!


Third Time's the Charm!

Here's number three! I guess this was ocean themed, based on the party hats we have on (once again, of course made by my creative mother).

Skipping on to Year Five

Due to lack of time, blog space, and photos, I am skipping on to year five. This was my last birthday without a sibling, and eight days later Logan was born! By this time, Justin also had a younger brother who turned three right after Logan was born.


Guess what the theme is this year?
Bugs! Here, I am turning seven years old, right after my first year of school. My mom designed all these cute bug hats, toppers, and party blowers. I remember my mother hunting down little flower and leaf molds, melting down white chocolate, adding food coloring, and making these other cute edible toppers. 

Super Eight

For some reason, my eighth birthday was themed after the game Twister, only in pastels. The cake was frosted white, and then we arranged pink, yellow, green, and blue necco wafers in rows for a twister game board. Once again, my mom's cute designs show up as little kids playing the game.
Here's me and my second grade teacher, who we must have invited to the party. She was my favorite elementary teacher, and I had just finished a year in her class.


My ninth birthday's them was little mice. They wore cute little clothes and lived in an enchanted forrest. Naturally.

The Perfect Ten

Oh yes, summer and the beach. Plus, it was "cool." After all, I was TEN!


I think this was my eleventh birthday. Also, I think this was the first year I had a "party" with a friend who was not related, a teacher, or a friend of my dads. Rachel has always been such a dear and called me on every birthday! We are still friends in college, and this week she's on a study trip to the middle east.


I have no idea what year this is. Probably 12 or 13. I guess I wanted a little journey into winter during the heat of June! After this, birthday photos are a little harder to come by (even though we went digital!).
6/25/2011 05:47:48 am

I love all the old photos you put up, you had such fun cakes! Hope your birthday was great :)


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