My mom's vintage Fleetwood.
     One of the best gifts I have ever received is my Singer sewing machine. During the summers that I was 10, 11 and 12, my friend Rachel and I spent a week at what we fondly referred to as "Sewing Camp." It was a 4-H day class that ran one week and taught kids (mostly girls... although two boys stand out in my mind who clearly hated it, and spent the whole week sticking pins in their sewing tomatoes) our age how to use sewing machines, follow patterns, and other basic sewing knowledge. When I graduated from eighth grade, my grandma got me my very own sewing machine- a brand new silver Singer. I've used it constantly since then.

     Last week, however, just as my mom was about to use my machine for a project, something went awry. I'm no expert but it seemed to be something with the bobbin alignment below the needle. So it needs to take a trip to the shop. In the meantime, we lugged out my mom's vintage Fleetwood. Growing up, I always had the idea that this was an old machine that never, ever worked. However, once we got it going it worked quite nicely! My dad got it for my mom around the time I was born, and I just love how cute and vintage it is. It worked great for my project (various dresses-to-skirts projects and other easy fixes). 

6/14/2011 07:50:23 am

This machine looks pretty good! Glad you had it for a backup. Remember the sewing camps? They were so fun!

6/15/2011 10:04:11 am

That machine is so cool! I can't sew to save my life haha :P


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