Within a week, I'll be all moved into the dorm. I decided to spray paint this little old stand to use possibly as a phone stand. Because, yes, I still have a land line phone that I use. 
Cell phone? Nah. Just another way for people I don't want to get in touch with me to suddenly have a direct line to me at all times. Just not for me.
So, here's my vintage plant stand, all sprayed to basically match my cubes. This year is looking very promising.
8/16/2011 17:50:16

I believe you should "take a stand" (or two) with you to school. They look very nice, Shelby. I think one would be great for your phone and the other one would be good for under the sink, maybe. I'm sure you'll find a good place for them.

8/17/2011 14:18:13

Shelby you do the coolest projects! I love this idea. Robert and I don't even have a land line though lol. I actually took a little inspiration from you (queen of cool projects!) and pintrest, and right now am working on using an old four pane window frame from an old farm house (it has no glass in it) and am turning it into a jewelry rack! Anyway, please say you're going to post photos of your dorm room because from what I can tell it's going to look great!


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