I would like to say a few words about my cat. He was found last year when he was three weeks old by a friend of mine who lived in the dorm, and after he got too big the deans said he needed to move out. My mom is a sucker for cats, so I lured her into convincing the rest of the family to adopt a kitten. Long story short, we now have an adorable, overweight feline known as "Kitty" but formally named Rees.

First of all, he loves people food. One time we brought the groceries home and within minutes he had shredded a bag of bagels because he wanted those carbs SO BAD. 

He really, really likes to sleep on his back. It's extremely odd. 

If he smells something he hates (orange peel, nail polish remover, minty gum) he squints his eyes shut and scrunches his face back. Get that away from me! He thinks we are crazy.

If you throw a sock onto a ceiling fan, he will sit and stare up at it endlessly, waiting for it to fall.

But, if the sock ever does fall, he probably won't give it back. He has a major things for socks and hats and gloves. Especially gloves. Even if your gloves are in your coat pockets that are buttoned shut, he will claw them out, take them to a secret hiding place, and growl and hiss at anyone who comes near.

Oh, also, he's on a diet.

Sheri Berry
9/5/2011 07:15:26 am

So glad you were home with us this weekend, just loved every minute of it. We'll keep taking care of Kitty and restricting his diet so he's a little less of a tummy-swiffer when you see him next time.

love you good, mom

9/5/2011 08:39:42 am

I didn't know Rees' name was 'Kitty' now? I just think all cats should be named Kitty because that's what we call them all the time. How much weight has he lost? Better keep those bags of groceries away! By the way, these are cute pictures.

9/5/2011 10:10:54 am

I am seriously in love with your cat he is amazing! His personality is lager than life! I miss him lol.


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