No... not starring Sandra Bullock and Ryan Reynolds.
Starring two of my best friends :)
Congratulations to my roomie and one of my best friends, RaeLea and Zach!
Zach proposed last Saturday night. She said yes.
They're getting hitched next June :)
So... excuse time.
Arielle and Grandma, I've been busy. I know I have no horde of followers so I'll keep it simple ;-)
Since we got back from our big trip, I spent a few days with Mikey and then started work. RaeLea and I work at the same daycare and run a preschool classroom together.
So it's me, RaeLea, and 18 three-year-olds. Approximately. All day.
So you can see why, at the end of the day, I am rather exhausted and not exactly in a bloggy-mood.
But I hope to resume soon. Actually, now.
ready.. GO!
6/9/2011 02:30:47 pm

18 three year olds!? Shelby you have a crazy job lol! I don't know how you have energy for anything at all haha :D


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