There are five cacti on my windowsill
and a bonsai tree, living happily together
in any kind of weather they get along

....This is actually a song, I kid you not. It's called "The Cactus Song" and I have no idea what is it other than a song about cactus. And I do have five cacti on my windowsill, except one is an aloe vera. So maybe I'll write a new song "There are Five Succulents on a Shelf by my Window" ...not as catchy.Today I added a new cactus to my plant family. They are sort of cactus twins, some kind of siamese cactus thing going on. They're my birthday cactci, thanks to my mother. 

The little pot I put them in is one that I made in pottery this last school year. It's just a little wheel-thrown pot but after it dried out a little bit I cut the edge to a scallop. Almost all of my pots are this lightish blue color, because I was rather picky and didn't have a lot of glazes to choose from. 
So... why the obsession with the succulents? I don't really know. They are just so cute and are so different from each other. Plus, they are pretty easy to care for *knock on wood* Just put them in the sun and water them every once in a while and you are set to go! I got these little guys at Home Depot but they are also available at any nursery or garden center.
6/14/2011 01:17:01 pm

These cacti are so cute, Shel. I was wishing I could find a little mini-mini saguaro cactus for you when we were in Arizona---but couldn't find one!

6/15/2011 10:05:40 am

oh soooo cute! Adorable! And that pot is amazing you are so talented!


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