Today, as we drove on the stretch between St. Louis and KC, we hit quite bad weather. Upon arriving home (FINALLY! Four long days of driving and we are home sweet home!), we turned on the news to find that the huge clouds we were encountering were called "shelf clouds" as they protruded at the top, which differ from "wall clouds." We had driven right under them straight into the storm. Here's a photo that Gary Lezak (from NBC Action Weather Plus) posted on FaceBook.
5/26/2011 02:08:19 pm

WOW that is an amazing photo! hope you guys stay safe from the tornadoes that seem to be ripping through the area...

6/5/2011 02:42:33 pm

Wow! Such great and interesting photos. I had never heard of sea glass, and I have no idea what it is or where it comes from. Great job!


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