Happy Halloween everyone! Although I won't be partaking in any halloween activities this year, I have fond memories of dressing up in (cute, never scary) little costumes as a kid. I remember being a bumble bee, an old lady, Ms. Spider, and, for a high school event, elastigirl. This year tahe extent of my halloween is in this little box- sent from my mother! My cousin is visiting the school for College Days so she sent it along with him. I was expecting a few things I'd left at home—a shirt, a sock—and maybe a few pieces of candy, but this lady went all out! She used her very own line from Lettering Delights and made up a whole package for me. You can also see her blog here. Thanks mom for the care package! I love you and I miss you!
10/31/2011 08:08:28 am

Oh Shelby, that's so neat! That's so, so cute---and good too, I bet! Happy Halloween!

11/10/2011 03:44:21 am

Ohhh such fun cute stuff! :D


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