Thursday nights are our date nights. Since this semester began, it's been so busy that usually Mikey and I don't get to see each other much outside of fast lunches and rushed dinners, so we invented Date Night. Last night we went to The Mill, a little coffee shop right on the corner of campus that Mikey had a gift card to. It's cute and not as overpriced as Starbucks or Scooters, but we never go because we try to limit ourselves to Places That Accept Union Caf Cards. So that limits us to, well, the caf. And Coopers where we buy candy. Anyway, we tried a few new drinks, one of which was Hubert's Strawberry Lemonade. We also got a biscotti and a bagel and I got an orange-green-tea concoction that was a sort of carbonated orange juice. 

Oh- and hopefully an update for Mi Año en España coming soon!


"The Mill" sounds like a fun place to go. It's too bad they don't take the Caf Card! I checked out their web site and it looks like a neat place. Their Strawberry Lemonade sounds pretty good.


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