This week was a doozy. I don't care to repeat it any time soon but we have one week left and then finals so I guess this kind of craziness is inevitable. 

Well on Friday on a trip to the haymarket, we ended up at Indigo Bridge Books. It's a cute little shop where they sell books, as well as gifts and tasty treats in their café. Every time I go they have these super awesome stars hanging, and I just think they are so cool! 

Well, today should be filled with a fair amount of homework, projects, and studying. That's ok though, because in 11 days I'll be going home! In the meantime, there's a few minor recall exercises to complete- finals. And a few presentations. 

Here's another picture of the stars...

12/4/2011 04:58:51

These stars are so pretty. Are they for sale of just decorations. So very pretty!


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